Day 22

8:52 Breakfast. Coffee, water, protein shake. The scale hurt this morning! I need to get back on the bandwagon, hardcore, fo sho.

Lunch and Dinner were awful. Sigh.

Tomorrow should actually work out better.  I have a pork loin prepped already, so I can slow cook that and be sure to have decent meals for a couple days.

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Day 21 – Cheat Day & Weekly Results!

9:00 Morning weigh in. I can’t believe after all the days I cheated last week that I’m STILL down 1.3lbs from the end of last week. I don’t understand how this possibly could have happened. Any day marked with a C on the spreadsheet is a day that there was a cheat of some sort.

9:15 Breakfast. Protein shake and coffee.

11:40 Had a Boston cream donut. Bought 2, plan to eat the other later.

12:30 Two large slices of pizza.  I believe it was a Tombstone.

3:00 Second donut down the hatch.

5:00 Dinner! HUGE plate of pasta and sauce with 2 large meatballs, and 2 pieces of white garlic bread. Glass of milk. This meal alone is going to set me back too, and I can feel it.

7ish Couple bites of chicken finger, without sauce.

9ish Large piece of cake.

Throughout the day I also had 2 glasses of raspberry lemonade, and slacked on my water intake. Tomorrow should be interesting.

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Day 20

10:09 Breakfast! Protein shake and coffee. I noticed that my pants are starting to fit looser this morning, which is nice. Someone commented a couple days ago that “Your head looks smaller,” which made me laugh. I told them not to worry, that my ego hasn’t shrunk at all. 🙂

1:30ish Lunch! I was at Olive Garden with some extended family that I hadn’t seen in forever, so I kinda went all out. I had some sort of creamy chicken and dumpling soup and the Tour of Italy. I didn’t finish the entire Tour, though, and still have some in my fridge.

I never got around to eating dinner. I didn’t feel wonderful after gorging on the Tour, and I had company over in the evening, so I never got around to making myself dinner. I had a martini later in the evening, but that doesn’t really substantiate as a meal.

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Day 19

8:57 Breakfast. Protein shake, coffee, water. Some people have a liquid lunch, I have a liquid breakfast.

1:34 Lunch. Steak and spinach salad with carrots and raspberry vinaigrette.

6ish Dinner. I ate at a friends house, and they went out of their way to make sure the meal was 4HB compliant, going to far as to research the diet to be sure that I could eat everything! Had a delicious steak, steamed green beans, and garbanzo bean faux mashed potatoes, which were actually REALLY good. Had a dessert made with all natural peanut butter and a little bit of chocolate, but I ate a reasonable portion size so I don’t feel too bad about it. Water with dinner, coffee after. Overall, a really tasty meal and a really considerate friend. Kudos!

Post Edit I must have been way low on calories yesterday.  I remembered that I had 3 martinis yesterday evening, totaling in at like 560kcal, and when I did morning weigh in, I was still down.  Hmm.

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Raspberry Vinaigrette

1/2 cup rasberry vinegar
1/2 cup olive oil
1Tbsp dijon mustard
1tsp minced garlic
1/2tsp salt
1/2tsp pepper
This is a tough one…  combine all ingredients!

(From the Slow Carb Cookbook)

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Day 18

8:56 Breakfast. Protein shake, coffee, water. My goal today is to get back on track. I have now lost all of my progress from last week.

11:26 Early lunch? I had about .25lbs of steak that I needed to eat, so I chomped down on that with some broccoli.

Afternoon lunch was bad. No need to discuss.

7:18 Dinner. Made a steak and spinach salad, with carrots and a raspberry vinagrette. The dressing was from the slow carb cook book, and ultra tasty. It’s definitely something I’ll keep on hand.

I think I’m finally back on the bandwagon!

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Day 17

8:48 Breakfast. Protein shake, coffee, water. Need to leave out of here early for morning appointments, so I don’t have time for a huge breakfast. This is the optimal time for a protein shake.

I never even got a lunch today, which led to my inevitable splurge for dinner. Sigh. Back on the wagon tomorrow.

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Day 16

8:48 Breakfast. Trying a double size protein shake and some coffee this morning, still without spinach. After yesterday’s blow out for dinner, I was not a fan of the scale. It didn’t burn me too bad, but it burned me enough to show that I can’t do that kinda stuff without feeling the effects.  I’m also incredibly sore this morning, after slipping on some ice last night and falling on my ass.

12:30 Lunch. I ate out with a friend at One Eyed Jack’s, a local BBQ place. I had a bowl of beef & bean chili and smoked pulled pork (no sauce) and some BBQ baked beans. I didn’t eat many of the beans, because the BBQ sauce on them was pretty disgusting, and I really shouldn’t be eating the BBQ sauce anyway. My rational was that rather than have a baked potato, I was better off with the baked beans, even if they had the sauce on them.

Another nightmare dinner. The last couple days at work have been ultra stressful, which has caused me to basically fall off the wagon. As a result, I’ve lost almost all my progress from last week. My goal is to turn the week around and get back on track, and find a way to combat this stress induced eating.

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Day 15

8:58 Breakfast. I’m trying a protein powder this morning. The directions indicate that I should use 3/4 of a scoop and 6-8oz of water, and that will provide me with 24g of protein to start my day. I’m using Healthy n’ Fit 100% Egg Protein (disclaimer: affiliate link), which I picked up at Vitamin World.  In the future I’ll be picking it up at Amazon, since it’s about $10 cheaper per tub.  Serves me right for not shopping around.

The taste isn’t awful, though a bit bland. I think if I tossed this into a blender with some ice and made it in to a smoothie of some sort, it could almost be pretty decent. And this is certainly a lot easier than chowing down on eggs or chicken first thing in the morning.  You can have a look at the ingredients list [here].  I didn’t want to link it in line, because it’s a larger picture.  In a week or so, I’ll do a better review of it.

12:22 Lunch. I was actually REALLY hungry starting at around 11:30. I didn’t have anything but the protein shake and coffee this morning. Tomorrow I think I will have a larger shake as well as some spinach to keep things even until lunch time. For lunch, I’m having a steak and spinach salad with carrots and broccoli. Light drizzle of balsamic vinegar, and Montreal steak seasoning on the steak. Very tasty. I picked up a couple of thin cut steaks for brazing, which cook up in about 5 minutes, and make for an easy steak salad.

Yesterday for dinner I went totally overboard, and way off diet. I don’t even want to get in to the specifics, but it was bad. Way bad.

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Day 14 – Cheat Day & Measurements!

8:47 Awake. Slept in!

9:17 Out of bed, shower, morning weigh in. Measurements right after. Looking at some pretty ROCKSTAR results this week! Dropped another 1.5″ and I’m down 2.5lbs this week, bringing my total to 12.1! I noticed that I never took a picture for the end of week 1, but I got some pics for week 2. Again, I won’t drop it in the post, but you can see it by clicking here.

9:53 Breakfast! Semi responsible, but not enough protein. Two pork chops from last night, and a side of spinach.  Coffee and water. I just wanna get this cheat day underway!

10:47 Grapefruit juice, roughly 6oz.

11:30ish Lunch. SBarro! A slice of cheese and pepperoni pizza, 2 breadsticks, and some Mountain Dew. After A few sips of the soda, I was done with it. After not having it for a couple weeks, I can really taste the syrup in it, and it felt kinda gross.  I ended up dumping the rest of it.

12:15ish I had some chocolate fudge brownie ice cream at Nitro Magic. It was good, but ultra sweet and the portion size for a regular was HUGE. I finished about half of it. The basic premise is that they flavor the cream and then use liquid nitrogen to turn it in to ice cream, right in front of you. It’s pretty cool, and theres a little bit of a theatric effect, so that adds to the experience. You can see video of it on their website.

I didn’t eat the rest of the afternoon and in to the evening, but I did go grocery shopping for the upcoming week. This resulted in an impulse buy of a Snickers bar because, well, I could.

10:45 LATE NIGHT DENNY’s! I had a grilled cheese sandwich with mozarella sticks inside it, and some seasoned fries. I forgot to snap a picture of it, but needless to say, it was GLORIOUS! This was one of two things that I had REALLY been craving all week.

I’m going to call this week a pretty big success.  I lost some more pounds, I resisted temptation for the most part, and I had a good cheat day.  On to next week!

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