Day 10

7:55 Awake before alarm.

8:00 Alarm

8:20 Up and at em! Morning weigh in. I’ve been using the average of 3 weigh ins as my daily weight for trending purposes, and as time has gone on I’ve noticed that these 3 measurements can be off by as much as a full pound. Is it my scale? My weigh technique? Need to research this a bit more.

8:55 Breakfast. Last bowl of chili from the huge batch I made, and some raw spinach.  It’s a rather hum drum breakfast.

1:42 Lunch! Left over pork and refried beans, and some spinach.  Even reheated, this pork tastes absolutely amazing.  I’m pretty sure that this is going to be part of a weekly or bi-weekly rotation.

5:30 Dinner. I made some aweesome turkey and chili bean tacos using iceberg lettuce as the shell. They turned out fantastic!  I topped them with a little bit of natural chunky salsa, with no sugar added. I’m concerned with the amount of sodium that I’m taking in as a result of the salsa and the taco seasoning.  I think I need to find a “spice blend” recipe online for taco seasoning so that I can eliminate the unnecessary sodium from it.

10:10 I was jonesing so I had like 1.5Tbsp of peanut butter. I think I lacked enough protein at dinner.  I was pressed for time, and probably should have had some spinach or some such with it.

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