Day 11

8:00 Alarm, awake.

8:20 Up and at em! Morning weigh in.

9:04 Breakfast. Having some of the turkey and bean mixture from last night with some spinach. This morning, I brewed a cup of Starbucks Morning Blend as well. This coffee is AMAZING!

12:35 Lunch time. Had some more pulled pork, mixed with chili beans, and a bowl of spinach. I need to write an article on the benefits of spinach as a “superfood”. I’m absolutely noticing that it is helping me on this quest.

Popeye was right, friends.

5:30 Dinner.  I had some garlic lime chicken, with a side of red beans, and some spinach.  The chicken was great, the beans… not so much.  I’ll need to find a different way to get beans in as a side dish, because that wasn’t terribly tasty at all.

7ish Black coffee

10:17 – Two tablespoons of peanut butter.

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