Day 11

8:00 Alarm, awake.

8:20 Up and at em! Morning weigh in.

9:04 Breakfast. Having some of the turkey and bean mixture from last night with some spinach. This morning, I brewed a cup of Starbucks Morning Blend as well. This coffee is AMAZING!

12:35 Lunch time. Had some more pulled pork, mixed with chili beans, and a bowl of spinach. I need to write an article on the benefits of spinach as a “superfood”. I’m absolutely noticing that it is helping me on this quest.

Popeye was right, friends.

5:30 Dinner.  I had some garlic lime chicken, with a side of red beans, and some spinach.  The chicken was great, the beans… not so much.  I’ll need to find a different way to get beans in as a side dish, because that wasn’t terribly tasty at all.

7ish Black coffee

10:17 – Two tablespoons of peanut butter.

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3 Responses to Day 11

  1. Theresa says:

    If you are into sauteing the spinach, throw them in a pan with some (by some i mean a heap) of garlic and some great northern beans. you can either make soup by adding a bunch of chicken stock or just enough to bring it all together. My grandma makes this for us, really good tasting! Also she sometimes adds diatilini (small round pasta circles) which would be really good replaced with a wheat pasta!

  2. Yes, spinach is tasty if sauteed and if you do it with onions and garlic. Also, sprinkle some sesame seed on it – they have calcium and they make it look more appetizing, too:) How else have you noticed spinach really helps with the weight loss? Have you tried other veggies (I also use bell peppers, cabbage, zucchini… brocccoli).

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