Day 12

9:05 Breakfast. Turkey and bean mixture, 3 slices of turkey bacon, and some raw spinach. Giant glass of water, giant mug of coffee. Pretty typical morning! This is my first time having turkey bacon. It isn’t so bad, I guess. I definately know that I’m not having normal bacon, but there is some bacon flavor. I’ll check the package later to see if thats natural flavoring or artificial…  After the second piece I was pretty fed up with it.  I can taste an artificial maple flavor, which I did confirm was not part of the packaging.  I guess I’ll be avoiding turkey bacon from now on.

1:16 Lunch! Finishing off my pulled pork and chili beans today, as well as a big bag of spinach. I’m averaging 2 large bags of Spinach a week, and I know that sounds gross, but really, it’s delicious.

While standing in the kitchen making lunch this afternoon, I noticed a loaf of Italian bread, and instantly thought “Oh man, that would be good.” But I have no idea why. It was a seeded loaf, which I don’t enjoy, and I really wasn’t hungry for bread. I didn’t end up eating any of it, but it was strange to crave it just because it was there.

5:48 Dinner! Leftover garlic lime chicken from last night, with some peas and spinach. I now remember that I absolutely hate peas.  The taste, the texture, just… no.  I wish green beans had protein in them!  I can go beast mode on fresh green beans.

7ish COFFEE.  Need the energy boost for the night ahead.

Went over to a friend’s place last night.  Managed to avoid snacking throughout the evening, and I was up until about 1am, so I feel like I went a long time without food.  I’m wondering if I need to start incorporating a 4th meal somewhere in my day, perhaps a later dinner…

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