Day 13

Sound track of the day “Empire State Of Mind” (Jay-Z & Alicia Keys)

9:02 Breakfast. Turkey and bean mixture, and a bowl of raw spinach.  Originally I was pressed for time this morning as I had 4 apartment showings to take care of, but I had 3 cancellations and one that never confirmed.  If I had more time, I would have probably made a decent breakfast.  These are the mornings when I could use a decent protein shake.

12:33 I’ve been spending most of my morning looking over the grocery ad for tomorrow and making a list of what I have and what I need this week. I’m noticing that without cheese, my foods need some more spicing up to help seem satisfying. I think I’m going to spend some money on spices this week, and start tinkering with spice combinations, then make some posts to help others find the right mix. For instance, a taco seasoning with no salt is a priority to me right now.

1:28 Lunch. Two whole eggs, Drewed, and the remainder of my turkey slop. Bowl of spinach. Water.  I ALMOST had decent over easy eggs, but I botched the flip so they became eggs Drewed.  Some day I will learn to both cook AND enjoy eggs.  That’s a struggle.

4:45 Dinner. I have a birthday party to go to tonight which promises plenty of pizza, cake, and drinks. I’ve opted to eat before I go. I thawed a package of pork chops and cooked them up, and had them with the remainder of my peas (yuck) and some spinach.

Can I just say that this party was hell? The booze didn’t so much push me, but I did look to see if there was a dry red wine on hand. The thing that really got me was basically being surrounded by cake and pizza for FIVE HOURS. Anyone who says that this lifestyle is easy when faced with a challenge like that is a liar, people. I almost went off the deep end and had some cake, but I had some gourmet coffee instead which settled my cravings. When I got home at about 11, I had a couple tbsp of peanut butter, and that helped.

But, I brought some of that cake home with me for tomorrow. OH YEAH, CHEAT DAY YEAH!

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