Day 3

7:00 Alarm, awake

7:15 Out of bed, morning weigh in.

7:45 Breakfast – Having another stuffed pepper. I’m pressed for time this morning because I need to meet an associate for coffee at 8:30, about 20 mins away from here. Breakfast is just going to be a little more broken up than usual. Pepper here, coffee there, grapefruit juice here after. I need to look in to some sort of protein shake for when I have a fast morning. I did manage to kill about 20oz of water to start the day though. Quick stop at the grocery store after coffee, as I need some more carrots, and some stuff for CHILI DAY!!!

12:06 Lunch! Man, I am STARVING this morning. Leftover stir fry from last night and a bowl of raw spinach. I never got to the grapefruit juice this morning as I got caught up running around for work, but I may have some tonight with my evening coffee. I picked up some organic almond butter as well as some organic peanut butter and celery today.

Almond butter is ridiculously expensive – $10 for a smallish sized jar! The organic peanut butter wasn’t cheap either, but such is the price we pay to live a little healthier.

6:30ish Dinner. I was at the mall, so I was kinda forced in to the food court for dinner. I ended up at taco bell. I had the fiesta beef salad, and skipped the shell-bowl that it came in. Beef, iceberg lettuce, tomatos. Ordered it without the cheese, rice, and sour cream. I did add a fair amount of hot sauce, which I’m sure was a bad choice since I have no idea what is in their hot sauce. The meal wasn’t really filling enough, and there definately wasn’t enough protein, so I also got a side of refried beans, which tasted like I was licking a tire. I ended up tossing half of them, but they were free at least. This was my first experience eating out, and I think I handled it okay, but it certainly wasn’t optimal.

Made it through the rest of the evening without a coffee (forgot to stop for one while I was out, and it was already 9:30 when I got home), or any snackage. I was hungry again when I went to bed, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.

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