Day 4

8:00 Alarm, awake.

8:15 Out of bed, morning weigh in.

9:00 Breakfast! I’m really starting to enjoy making breakfast in the morning. Today I’m having 2 whole scrambled eggs, chicken, and raw spinach. I was ATTEMPTING to make an omelette. I really need to learn how to do so, if this is going to happen. I like omlettes, and I think I could probably do that a couple times a week. Also having 12oz black coffee and about 6oz of grapefruit juice this morning.

I had posted a thread on the forum for the fraternity I was active in when I was in college about my goals, and gave them the blog address. One of the brothers chimed in and let me know that I should cut the grapefruit juice. This made me go back to #4hb on Twitter to see if I should or shouldn’t be consuming it with my coffee daily. Turns out, it’s just for cheat day. Oops!

Chili is in the crockpot for dinner tonight. I’m already excited!

1:32 Lunch! Last of my stuffed peppers and a bowl of raw spinach. Popeye was right, this stuff is great. A few bites in, I noticed that the pepper was pretty gross, so I just ate the chicken and beans.

6:04 DINNER! I was hungry mid afternoon, but I am also WAY down on my water intake, having not been drinking consistantly all afternoon. I’m having my firehouse chili, which is absolutely amazing. I think it’s a bit too meaty this time around. I probably should have added another can of beans in to the mix. I’m also having spinach and carrots, both raw, no dressings. I REALLY want a big hunk of garlic bread, but no.

As an aside, Pizza Hut’s pizzas look WAY better in commercials than they do in person. Proof that marketing works, I guess.

6:58 6oz black coffee. I like the Keurig because there are a ton of different coffee varieties, and it’s fast. I dislike it because the pods usually end up running in the $0.50-$0.75 range, per pod. And really you need 2 pods for a good 12oz cup of coffee. At that rate, I’m almost better off going to Tim Hortons. They do make a reusable cup, which I haven’t really experimented with that much yet, though I have a coupon for $1.50 off a pound of delicious Starbucks coffee. I see that cup getting used very soon. Tonight I’m drinking some sort of “Caribu” blend. It’s not very good – quite frankly, it tastes like dirt. Plenty of water this evening to help with chili digestion.

You know, as much as I find myself having cravings, it’s actually been FAIRLY easy to push them aside. Even last night in the food court wasn’t too bad. I just found something I COULD eat, and ignored the rest. Monday was tough with the pizza and wings, but I know what I’ll be having on cheat day! I feel really great after pretty much every meal. Satisfied, and happy that I’m finally doing this for myself.

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