Day 5

8:00 Alarm

Out of bed, morning weigh in.

Breakfast! I didn’t want eggs and I didn’t prepare any chicken last night, so I’m having a bowl of chili and raw spinach, as well as 12oz of black coffee. Chili just seems so wrong this early in the day. I also managed to slop some all over myself, so its a change of polo shirts before I leave for my 10:30 appointment. Go me!

3:07 FINALLY some lunch! Today has just been nuts, so I’m having a chicken breast, some spinach, and some carrots. Nothing special. While eating the chicken I noticed that it had a funny taste to it, and since it wasn’t heavily seasoned, I’m wondering if it’s gone bad. It was frozen near the end of its “use by” date, then thawed and cooked today. I had the room mate’s girlfriend try it and she said it was fine, so I’ll keep it around. I didn’t finish the chicken from lunch, thinking I’ll wait to see if I see any ill effects from the half breast I ate. I’ll just up my spinach intake for this meal, and have a decent dinner.

6:09 Dinner. Just having a bowl of chili, since I’m not starving but know I need more food in my system from the light lunch.

10:30 Snack. 2lbsp of organic peanut butter. It’s amazing how different a natural food tastes over a processed food. For instance, this peanut butter’s ingredients? Roasted peanuts. Go figure. No additives, no preservatives, just the peanut. And it was so much better than any other peanut butter that I’ve ever had.

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