Day 6 – My First Slip!

8:00 Alarm, awake.

Out of bed, morning weigh in. YAY for a lazy morning in bed checking emails and such.

9:22 Breakfast. Coffee, water, 2 whole eggs, chicken breast, raw spinach. I was attempting to make my eggs over easy, and failed HARD, so I’m calling them “Eggs Drewed”. I’ve found that it really only takes me about 10 minutes to make a decent meal, as long as I put some prep time in before hand. For instance, prepping 5 to 6 chicken breasts at once isn’t hard at all, and then I can grab them for whatever I need them for from the fridge and just warm them up.

10:45ish – Coffee, black.  Meeting with a client, who had a bagel and a cafe mocha.  I wasn’t even tempted to get anything.  Little bit of pride there, gotta celebrate the little things.

1:18 Lunch. Just a bowl of chili. I’m in a pretty bad mood this afternoon, and I just want something in my stomach that isn’t green, so I’m going with just the chili for now. Maybe I’ll end up eating dinner earlier as a result. Tomorrow is cheat day! Looking forward to that!

5:45 Dinner. I’m in a significantly better mood now, after about an hour phone call with another real estate agent that I’ve grown to enjoy speaking with.  Went to Moe’s Southwestern Grill with my friend Kristin. I ended up having a bowl consisting of chicken, black beans, lettuce, jalapenos, some salsa, and some ridiculous hot sauce. The sauce messed it up so bad that I didn’t finish.

7:15 My first slip… I had a vodka martini. 🙁  Just gonna push through this.  I figured that the one vodka martini set me back about 160 calories.  I’m not counting calories, but it’s interesting to see how quick booze adds up.

9ish 2tbsp organic peanut butter. I also got some almond butter when I was at the store that I really need to try.


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