Day 7 – Cheat Day & Week 1 Results!!

Ok, so, I’m officially one week in to this.  How do I feel?  Pretty freaking awesome.  I’ve got way more energy than I normally have, I’ve lost an impressive amount of weight, and I’m seeing some reduction in inches as well.  Today is also cheat day, which means that I set out to DESTROY some food!

So first, let’s share the weeks progress…

So glad I bought a white board!

I know, everyone is telling me not to weigh in daily.  But really, I love seeing trending data, so I’m going to ignore you.  I’m not going to get bent out of shape if I gain a little here or there, because I can already see that gaining a pound on one day is not at all bad, as compared to the progress I’ve already made.  I’m so pumped about this.

I wanted to take a quick second and thank everyone who has been leaving such helpful comments and encouragement, both here and on Facebook and Twitter.  Doing something like this alone is impossible, but having a positive social network surrounding me has made all the difference in the world.


8:00 I got to wake up today without an alarm!  Too bad it was still at 8am.  Pretty sure my body is just programmed at this point, which is fine.  Sleeping in makes me feel like I’m wasting the day anyway.

8:30 Out of bed, weigh in and measure.  I’m down 8.7lbs and 11 inches across my points measured!  My biceps got a little bigger, and my neck stayed the same, but I’m down everywhere else.  Amazing feeling!

9:15 Breakfast time.  I really need to work on the eating within an hour of waking up thing, as I think it would help greatly.  I just love procrastinating getting out of bed in the morning.  Breakfast today is sensible, 12oz black coffee, a bowl of spinach, and a chicken breast drizzled with balsamic vinegar.  Solid start before the mayhem begins.

11:15 20x air squats, 20x wall presses, 6oz grapefruit juice on ice.

11:38 Two Boston cream donuts from Tim Hortons.  I could almost taste the granulated sugar in the icing on these.  Honestly, it kinda tasted a little gross.  Afterwards, I felt a little ill, which I’m seeing happens to a lot of people apparently.  I decided to press on, and went grocery shopping.  I picked up a ton of great deals on meat and veg this week, so I’m looking forward to rocketing in to week 2.

1:53 20x air squat  and 20x wall presses.

2 Slices

3:00 Mark’s Pizzaria time!  Had 3 slices off of a large chicken finger pizza (chicken fingers deep fried, tossed in medium hot sauce, chopped, and put on the pizza).  I always get the red sauce as opposed to the white.  This pizza was like absolute heaven to me.  It’s one of my favorite pies, and I expect it’ll make it on to the cheat day list several times.  This also didn’t sit all that well in my stomach, but it’s cheat day.  Press on!  Now, I saw a recipe for a confection that I absolutely needed to try.  The problem was I saw it the day after I started doing this diet.  So I knew it has to be a cheat day treat.

5:05 I present to you, the OREO FILLED CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE!  These little bad boys will make a woman swoon and make a man grunt in appreciation.  I managed to eat ONE and I didn’t want any more than that.  Normally, I feel like I would be able to knock down two or three without giving it a second thought!

And that’s it for cheat day!  I was so “lagged” after the cookie that I never got around to eating a “dinner” before I had evening company, and by the time all was said and done, I wasn’t hungry anymore and it was past midnight, so it was no longer cheat day.

Week 1?  Great success!

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