Day 8

8:00 Alarm, Awake

8:15 Up and at em!

8:45 Breakfast. Coffee, chili, spinach, water. Once again, I didn’t prep anything on Sunday. I’m trying to get a good breakfast in this morning, because I’m going to a friend’s place later. I know she is making turkey burgers, but I’m not sure what I’ll be looking at in terms of veggies. I may eat a small salad before I go, and just be careful while I’m there. I know there are going to be cocktails as well, so I’ll need to limit that.

1:48 Bowl of spinach. Figured I might as well have some now before I go to this cocktail thing. I know the host is having some healthier foods which is awesome, but I figure better safe than sorry.

3:15 Had some chicken wing dip made with low fat cream cheese and low fat mozzarella, with a few tortilla chips.  This was absolutely a cheat, and I knew that going in to it.  Regardless, it tasted awesome.  I also had a glass of merlot.  After, I snacked on some veggies (pepper slices, carrots, a radish, and some cauliflower.)

4:37 Had 2 turkey burgers with some Franks Red Hot on them, and some raw spinach.

Later evening I had some more veggies, a few pieces of apple, pear, and banana and another glass of merlot.  I also had a cup of coffee.

Today was not good.  I slipped up quite a bit, and actually felt pretty bad about it.  In addition, I don’t feel as though I ate enough, or rather I ate the wrong things.  I want to stick as closely to the plan as possible for the next week so that I can really track my progress.

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