Fatty Gets Fit!

My name is Andrew Schultz, and I’m a fatty.  Plain and simple, I’m overweight, eat like shit, and need to trim down substantially.  This blog isn’t meant to be fancy.  I’m going to try not to sugarcoat things.  You’ll see pictures of my progress, including my flabby self, and maybe some charted progress along the way.  I’m doing this for me, not for you.  However, comments, questions, and support are always appreciated along the way.

My goal is to update this site at least once a day, with a very minimum of some stats and my daily eats.  I’ll cover some basic topics from the book as they come up, but in order to fully understand what I’m doing here, you should probably pick up a copy.  Feel free to help support my cause by clicking the banner in the right sidebar.  I do make a few cents for books purchased by using that link, though I also don’t expect you to go out of your way.  I’m a realist, after all.

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