Meat Packin’

One thing I excelled at this week was catching some awesome deals on meat.  I found some boneless skinless chicken breast at $1.79/lb, so I bought about 10lbs, then trimmed off the excess fat and repackaged it into 2 breast packages and tossed it into my chest freezer.  Normally, boneless skinless chicken breast runs $3.49 to $3.99/lb, which is ridiculous!

I also caught a great deal on bone in pork chops, so I bought a ton of those as well.  Same situation – i de-boned them and trimmed some excess fat, then repackaged them into 4 chop packages and put them in the chest freezer.

Stock up when you can!  That way you always have food stuffs on hand, and you won’t feel tempted to just go out to eat because “I don’t have any food” just isn’t a viable excuse.

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