On Coffee and the Keurig

(Up front disclosure:  If you opt to buy a Keurig after clicking the link on this page, I see a commission.  Think of it as a bonus for keeping you occupied with my ramblings.)

Part of my morning regime (and usually evening as well) revolves around coffee.  Aaron recently picked up a Keurig to use here at the house, which has been great.  The coffee is always fresh, always hot, and I usually go form no coffee to fresh cup in under a minute.  Good for first thing in the morning. We are using the Keurig B-40 B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System.

The other nice thing is that there are about a million different coffee pods that you can purchase and consume readily, but at a price.  Our unit produces either a 6oz (small) or 8oz (large) coffee, but if you use the 8oz option, the coffee starts to taste a little watery.  Therefore, I end up using 2 pods, at a price of about $0.50/each.  At that rate, you aren’t far off from a coffee house for your standard drip coffee.

Ah, but there is a saving grace through all of this!  In comes, the reuseable pod!  Keurig sells a reusable pod, which isn’t bad, but takes some getting used to – the Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter.  For instance, we were having a terrible issue with it leaking all over.  The solution?  Wrap a piece of foil over the top so that the blade punctures just like it would on a normal pod.  Problem solved, and my coffee now comes at a much cheaper price!

Would I recommend the Keurig?  Yeah, if you’re big on having fresh coffee at your finger tips.  It’s certainly more economical to own a standard drip, or a French Press (swoon!), but the Keurig does make life a little simpler.

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