The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

As with any diet/exercise routine, it has to be tailored to fit the schedule of the person working toward success.  This is no different.  I have a few advantages and a few disadvantages that I’ll need to take into account as I begin.

The Good:

  • I work from home, so I often have the ability to eat multiple meals a day here.
  • I like to cook, so this will be particularly fun.
  • There are a ton of other people I can reference if I have questions along the way! (#4hb and #4hourbody on Twitter)

The Bad:

  • I work from home, but I often times am out in the field, so I may not be able to catch EVERY meal at home.
  • I eat out a fair amount, so I’ll need to alter my choices when I am out.
  • Though I work at home, I often feel pressed for time.  I’ll need to do some batch cooking in order to be able to stick to this plan throughout the week.
  • I enjoy writing, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to stay on course.

The Ugly:

  • Ya’ll are gonna end up seeing my flabby pasty self on this site.  My apologies in advance.
  • I’m not really comfortable posting detailed information about my progress, but I’m doing this to be true to myself and the process, so I’ll need to get over that, and fast.
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