Day 15

8:58 Breakfast. I’m trying a protein powder this morning. The directions indicate that I should use 3/4 of a scoop and 6-8oz of water, and that will provide me with 24g of protein to start my day. I’m using Healthy n’ Fit 100% Egg Protein (disclaimer: affiliate link), which I picked up at Vitamin World.  In the future I’ll be picking it up at Amazon, since it’s about $10 cheaper per tub.  Serves me right for not shopping around.

The taste isn’t awful, though a bit bland. I think if I tossed this into a blender with some ice and made it in to a smoothie of some sort, it could almost be pretty decent. And this is certainly a lot easier than chowing down on eggs or chicken first thing in the morning.  You can have a look at the ingredients list [here].  I didn’t want to link it in line, because it’s a larger picture.  In a week or so, I’ll do a better review of it.

12:22 Lunch. I was actually REALLY hungry starting at around 11:30. I didn’t have anything but the protein shake and coffee this morning. Tomorrow I think I will have a larger shake as well as some spinach to keep things even until lunch time. For lunch, I’m having a steak and spinach salad with carrots and broccoli. Light drizzle of balsamic vinegar, and Montreal steak seasoning on the steak. Very tasty. I picked up a couple of thin cut steaks for brazing, which cook up in about 5 minutes, and make for an easy steak salad.

Yesterday for dinner I went totally overboard, and way off diet. I don’t even want to get in to the specifics, but it was bad. Way bad.

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