Day 16

8:48 Breakfast. Trying a double size protein shake and some coffee this morning, still without spinach. After yesterday’s blow out for dinner, I was not a fan of the scale. It didn’t burn me too bad, but it burned me enough to show that I can’t do that kinda stuff without feeling the effects.  I’m also incredibly sore this morning, after slipping on some ice last night and falling on my ass.

12:30 Lunch. I ate out with a friend at One Eyed Jack’s, a local BBQ place. I had a bowl of beef & bean chili and smoked pulled pork (no sauce) and some BBQ baked beans. I didn’t eat many of the beans, because the BBQ sauce on them was pretty disgusting, and I really shouldn’t be eating the BBQ sauce anyway. My rational was that rather than have a baked potato, I was better off with the baked beans, even if they had the sauce on them.

Another nightmare dinner. The last couple days at work have been ultra stressful, which has caused me to basically fall off the wagon. As a result, I’ve lost almost all my progress from last week. My goal is to turn the week around and get back on track, and find a way to combat this stress induced eating.

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