Day 20

10:09 Breakfast! Protein shake and coffee. I noticed that my pants are starting to fit looser this morning, which is nice. Someone commented a couple days ago that “Your head looks smaller,” which made me laugh. I told them not to worry, that my ego hasn’t shrunk at all. 🙂

1:30ish Lunch! I was at Olive Garden with some extended family that I hadn’t seen in forever, so I kinda went all out. I had some sort of creamy chicken and dumpling soup and the Tour of Italy. I didn’t finish the entire Tour, though, and still have some in my fridge.

I never got around to eating dinner. I didn’t feel wonderful after gorging on the Tour, and I had company over in the evening, so I never got around to making myself dinner. I had a martini later in the evening, but that doesn’t really substantiate as a meal.

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