Day 21 – Cheat Day & Weekly Results!

9:00 Morning weigh in. I can’t believe after all the days I cheated last week that I’m STILL down 1.3lbs from the end of last week. I don’t understand how this possibly could have happened. Any day marked with a C on the spreadsheet is a day that there was a cheat of some sort.

9:15 Breakfast. Protein shake and coffee.

11:40 Had a Boston cream donut. Bought 2, plan to eat the other later.

12:30 Two large slices of pizza.  I believe it was a Tombstone.

3:00 Second donut down the hatch.

5:00 Dinner! HUGE plate of pasta and sauce with 2 large meatballs, and 2 pieces of white garlic bread. Glass of milk. This meal alone is going to set me back too, and I can feel it.

7ish Couple bites of chicken finger, without sauce.

9ish Large piece of cake.

Throughout the day I also had 2 glasses of raspberry lemonade, and slacked on my water intake. Tomorrow should be interesting.

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