Day 13

Sound track of the day “Empire State Of Mind” (Jay-Z & Alicia Keys)

9:02 Breakfast. Turkey and bean mixture, and a bowl of raw spinach.  Originally I was pressed for time this morning as I had 4 apartment showings to take care of, but I had 3 cancellations and one that never confirmed.  If I had more time, I would have probably made a decent breakfast.  These are the mornings when I could use a decent protein shake. Continue reading

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Day 12

9:05 Breakfast. Turkey and bean mixture, 3 slices of turkey bacon, and some raw spinach. Giant glass of water, giant mug of coffee. Pretty typical morning! This is my first time having turkey bacon. It isn’t so bad, I guess. I definately know that I’m not having normal bacon, but there is some bacon flavor. I’ll check the package later to see if thats natural flavoring or artificial…  After the second piece I was pretty fed up with it.  I can taste an artificial maple flavor, which I did confirm was not part of the packaging.  I guess I’ll be avoiding turkey bacon from now on. Continue reading

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On Coffee and the Keurig

(Up front disclosure:  If you opt to buy a Keurig after clicking the link on this page, I see a commission.  Think of it as a bonus for keeping you occupied with my ramblings.)

Part of my morning regime (and usually evening as well) revolves around coffee.  Aaron recently picked up a Keurig to use here at the house, which has been great.  The coffee is always fresh, always hot, and I usually go form no coffee to fresh cup in under a minute.  Good for first thing in the morning. We are using the Keurig B-40 B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System.

The other nice thing is that there are about a million different coffee pods that you can purchase and consume readily, but at a price.  Our unit produces either a 6oz (small) or 8oz (large) coffee, but if you use the 8oz option, the coffee starts to taste a little watery.  Therefore, I end up using 2 pods, at a price of about $0.50/each.  At that rate, you aren’t far off from a coffee house for your standard drip coffee.

Ah, but there is a saving grace through all of this!  In comes, the reuseable pod!  Keurig sells a reusable pod, which isn’t bad, but takes some getting used to – the Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter.  For instance, we were having a terrible issue with it leaking all over.  The solution?  Wrap a piece of foil over the top so that the blade punctures just like it would on a normal pod.  Problem solved, and my coffee now comes at a much cheaper price!

Would I recommend the Keurig?  Yeah, if you’re big on having fresh coffee at your finger tips.  It’s certainly more economical to own a standard drip, or a French Press (swoon!), but the Keurig does make life a little simpler.

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Day 11

8:00 Alarm, awake.

8:20 Up and at em! Morning weigh in.

9:04 Breakfast. Having some of the turkey and bean mixture from last night with some spinach. This morning, I brewed a cup of Starbucks Morning Blend as well. This coffee is AMAZING!

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Meat Packin’

One thing I excelled at this week was catching some awesome deals on meat.  I found some boneless skinless chicken breast at $1.79/lb, so I bought about 10lbs, then trimmed off the excess fat and repackaged it into 2 breast packages and tossed it into my chest freezer.  Normally, boneless skinless chicken breast runs $3.49 to $3.99/lb, which is ridiculous!

I also caught a great deal on bone in pork chops, so I bought a ton of those as well.  Same situation – i de-boned them and trimmed some excess fat, then repackaged them into 4 chop packages and put them in the chest freezer.

Stock up when you can!  That way you always have food stuffs on hand, and you won’t feel tempted to just go out to eat because “I don’t have any food” just isn’t a viable excuse.

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Day 10

7:55 Awake before alarm.

8:00 Alarm

8:20 Up and at em! Morning weigh in. I’ve been using the average of 3 weigh ins as my daily weight for trending purposes, and as time has gone on I’ve noticed that these 3 measurements can be off by as much as a full pound. Is it my scale? My weigh technique? Need to research this a bit more.
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Day 9

7:40 Awake before alarm.

8:00 Alarm, but I’m already checking emails on my phone.

8:15 Up and at em! Morning weigh in.
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Garlic Pulled Pork

So, this pulled pork is pretty much the greatest thing I’ve ever tasted.  I had a great pulled pork recipe before I started this diet, but it was a BBQ pulled pork, which is pretty much off limits now.  This pulled pork doesn’t have any BBQ sauce, and it absolutely doesn’t need it.  This was so tender and juicy…  Mmmm…  This is perfect for the crock pot as well!

This recipe came from the Four Hour Cookbook. Continue reading

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Day 8

8:00 Alarm, Awake

8:15 Up and at em!

8:45 Breakfast. Coffee, chili, spinach, water. Once again, I didn’t prep anything on Sunday. I’m trying to get a good breakfast in this morning, because I’m going to a friend’s place later. I know she is making turkey burgers, but I’m not sure what I’ll be looking at in terms of veggies. I may eat a small salad before I go, and just be careful while I’m there. I know there are going to be cocktails as well, so I’ll need to limit that.

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Day 7 – Cheat Day & Week 1 Results!!

Ok, so, I’m officially one week in to this.  How do I feel?  Pretty freaking awesome.  I’ve got way more energy than I normally have, I’ve lost an impressive amount of weight, and I’m seeing some reduction in inches as well.  Today is also cheat day, which means that I set out to DESTROY some food!

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